Пароочистители: чистота и дезинфекция в одном флаконе


Steam cleaning machine is a device for intensive removal of dirt from various surfaces using hot steam. Thanks to this, you can efficiently clean, even with difficult dirt. The device has an antibacterial effect and can disinfect any surface.

The device handles even in situations where chemical cleaning agents cannot be used.Previously, such devices were used in hospitals and other medical institutions. The escaping steam has a temperature of 130 degrees and therefore can fight even the most dangerous germs and bacteria. Due to its high efficiency and easy operation, steam cleaning machines have quickly gained popularity all over the world. Today, many people use this household appliance at home.With the help of a steam cleaner, you can fight mold and mites, as well as various pathogens. The device is perfect for cleaning rooms where children live. It is completely safe for humans and pets.No rubber gloves or a respirator are required for cleaning. Using a steam cleaner is as easy as using a regular vacuum cleaner. At the same time, such cleaning improves the air quality in the house. Therefore, the benefits for human health can be noted.With this device, you can clean even in hard-to-reach places. Steam is supplied up to 60 centimeters away, so you can clean where a vacuum cleaner or rag cannot cope.The steam cleaner can be hand held and small or large and powerful. Today, steam cleaners-vacuum cleaners are common. A manual steam cleaner is cheaper. It is small in size so it can be conveniently stored. It’s easy to use.A steam cleaner-vacuum cleaner has a lot of power and costs much more. Therefore, at home, they often use a manual steam cleaner with a weight of no more than two kilograms.Depending on the model, the steam cleaner may have a different list of functions. The volume of the water tank inside the device may also differ. The volume of the tank can be from 500 milliliters to several liters. Almost all models have a flow rate of 1 liter for 30 minutes of continuous operation.There are many conditions to consider when choosing the ideal steam cleaner for home use. The power of the device, its weight and size, as well as the volume of the water tank, will depend on this. The price of the device will also depend on these indicators.