Boost Instagram followers for free


Many Instagram account promotion tactics promise hundreds of new followers a day if you follow their advice. Some of them work, but most don’t — or at least not as much as their advertisements promised. However, most of the methods are strikingly similar, and many marketers use them with great success. Of course, there is an opportunity to promote your Instagram without resorting to tactics, the subscriber boost service will allow you to get free 50 instagram likes.

Proper use of instagram hashtags

If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, you’ve probably already learned about the importance of using popular hashtags. This is the best tool you have to get more people involved and get them to your posts.

The Social Media Lab ran a test to see if they could get 100 new subscribers within 24 hours.

Do you think it worked?

Here are the hashtag tactics they used in their test:

Choose 30 matching hashtags.

Make sure they are not too popular or too rare — the optimal number in this case was between 50,000 and 300,000 photos per hashtag.

The goal was to get the photos in the top nine for a given hashtag, which would increase their visibility. If your profile has not yet gained much popularity and there are too many Instagram photos on the hashtag, it is almost impossible to get such a result.

When you post your hashtags, don’t add them as a caption to a photo. Add them to your comment. This method is also recommended by Neil Patel — not only does it look better, but their main goal is to help people find your content.

Instagram activity graph

Be prepared for the fact that you will have to increase the amount of content you post on Instagram every day.

One or two photos a day is not enough. There is so much content and so many people posting more and better content that if you don’t really try, you will be lost in a sea of Instagram feed.

In adition to the mandatory 1-2 photos a day, Instagram experts recommend:

Post 5 to 30 Instagram Stories,

1 live stream per day (Neil Patel also recommends starting at the same time every day so that more and more users can join each day).

This may seem very time consuming, but it is not necessary. Instagram Stories are very easy to create and live streams shouldn’t be too long.

Ideally, he should have planned out your Instagram content strategy ahead of time. Then you will be ready always and for everything:

Unpublished photos from the office and, for example, from integration trips.

Photos from lunch — there is no better Instagram content. Maybe besides cute dogs, cats and other cute animals. Apart from them, food regulates social media and Instagram in particular.

Motivational, funny and interesting quotes.

Upcoming Product Previews

Branded content — promotional videos and pictures, photos of your products or services, etc.

Interesting statistics (just convert them to photos)

Plus, by observing relevant hashtags with internet monitoring tools like Brand24, you can find inspiration to create great Instagram content:

Graphics showing how to track Instagram hashtags with Brand24

With internet monitoring tools, you won’t miss out on the best posts posted with these hashtags to help you understand what content your audience wants.

Plus, you will discover other hashtags that will help you reach a wider audience and engage them if you use them in your posts.

The more you diversify your Instagram content strategy, the better. You can simplify this task if you prepare some of the content ahead of time.